Interior Design

a modern office lobby with a reception desk red armchairs a coffee table a large abstract painting and several potted plants - interior design

We are

The essence of Fabiia is rooted in soulful connections. Established in 2006 by Shija Walia and Dr Jiten Walia, Fabiia is a diverse enterprise excelling in interior design, personalized furniture crafting, fit-out solutions, and project management. Our influence extends across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and now Africa.

Fabiia Design Studio

Shija Walia, an interior designer and the Creative Director at Fabiia, stands as a pillar in the interior design arena. Driven by an unwavering passion for textiles, color, art, and spaces that resonate with human essence, her eclectic portfolio stands as a testament to her vision. With her guidance, Fabiia infuses each project with authenticity and individuality. The design studio boasts a collaborative team, including interior designers, product designers, architects, visualizers/3D renderers, and graphic designers, transforming dreams into reality.

Fabiia demonstrates its versatility through interior design advisory and on-site implementation in public spaces. This includes corporate offices as well as a diverse range of hospitality establishments like hotels, cafes, restaurants, and retail ventures.

board room with long table and chairs for meetings and presentations - interior design.
a cozy living room with a stylish dining table and chairs, creating a perfect space for meals and gatherings.

We Create

The aspiration to create a lasting impact holds true for all interior designers, and Shija values it deeply. She imparts her personal touch to each project, distinguished by a strong sense of individuality. Through her close partnership with handpicked artisans, craftsmen, and designer makers, she brings vibrancy to every undertaking.

Public spaces, although they may come across as pragmatic initiatives mostly aimed at utility, lose their significance if they don't arouse emotions in those who use them. When a place fails to emotionally resonate with its occupants, its original purpose loses its power. Emotional resonance constructs the unseen basis on which a project is established, while the remaining elements merge to form a harmonious entirety. Throughout this process, comprehensive consultations with the client assure their sustained participation. The result yields impressive, functional, and inviting environments adorned with unique touches of individual uniqueness.

Some of our recent projects

Interior Design Services

Interior design by Fabiia combines innovative and timeless aesthetics, creating spaces that effortlessly
blend comfort, functionality, and style.


Fabiia elevates office interior design, turning mundane workplaces into captivating and highly productive environments. Skillfully blending aesthetics and functionality, this approach creates spaces that not only look impressive but also inspire innovation and foster a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration among employees.


Fabiia excels in creating captivating hospitality interior design, fashioning immersive experiences in hotels, restaurants, and resorts. This distinctive approach harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, enhancing the ambiance and leaving an indelible mark on guests, seamlessly embodying the brand’s essence.

Public Spaces

Fabiia specializes in public interior design, transforming spaces for diverse settings like government organizations, educational institutions, and healthcare centers. Their designs cater to functionality and aesthetics, creating environments that positively impact people’s experiences and interactions within these vital public spaces.